Garnet: The Generics Problem

How Might Generative AI Change Programming?

Testing Shell Commands with the Crystal CLI

How to Think About Compiling

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A friend has lent me the domain to build something. I was thinking of doing something like cronitor, to help monitor cronjobs/APIs/website pages. If you have any other good ideas, let me know!
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Garnet: The Generics Problem

Published: 14 December 2022
Tags: compiler, garnet, rust

Simon Heath discusses the problem with generics and how it relates to code reuse, in reference to implementation on the Garnet programming language.
Some highlights:

  • Although generic types aren't complicated to implement by themselves, the complexity comes up when you want to start reasoning about the relationships between types, including types you don't know about yet
  • Modules trade off some power for simplicity
  • The main practical difference between traits/typeclasses and modules is that with traits the compiler does more of the accounting work for you


How Might Generative AI Change Programming?

Published: 15 December 2022
Tags: ai, algorithms

Laurence Tratt elaborates on how generative AI can be used for programming.
Some highlights:

  • "Programming turns specifications into software"
  • "Programming is unforgiving of approximations", which makes extra work if models produce the incorrect output
  • The generative models can be useful for some techniques, like fuzzing


Testing Shell Commands with the Crystal CLI

Published: 29 March 2021
Tags: bash, crystal, sponsored

FireHydrant explains in detail how you can use the Crystal programming language CLI to test shell scripts.


How to Think About Compiling

Published: 8 December 2022

Nicholas Yang presents some of the difficulties and concepts of designing and implementing a compiler.
Some highlights:

  • A lot of compilation is combining concepts
  • If you're implementing a compiler, start with the simplest examples
  • Desurgaring is the process of breaking down more complicated syntax into simpler forms


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