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Rubbing control theory on the Go scheduler

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Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I was basically recovering the whole time because Friday night was a bit too wild. Someone had to go in an ambulance (they're fine), someone got pepper sprayed, and someone lost their wallet. At one point I lost my phone, but fortunately was able to make a quick recovery because some kind stranger returned it to the bar. It was one of those nights that's fun to have, but only if it's a rare occurrence.
I came across this landing page that I really liked the design of.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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Published: 18 January 2022
Tags: gps, math

Not specifically programming related, but still an interesting deep-dive by Bartosz Ciechanowski into how GPS works with awesome interactivity.
Some highlights:

  • It uses satellites to send signals to GPS receivers on Earth, which then use the distance from the satellites to calculate the receiver's location
  • The process of calculating a location of a point using measurement of distances is called trilateration
  • There was an exceptional amount of technology that to go into making GPS possible


Rendering like it's 1996 - Baby's first pixel

Published: 2 December 2022
Tags: graphics, hardware, gpu

Mario Zechner is starting on a journey (a series of articles) to "explore the ins and outs of software rasterization, starting from first principles, i.e. getting a pixel on screen".
Some highlights:

  • Covers C project setup for all OSes and VSCode
  • A pixel (in the rasterization context) is the smallest "atomic" area within a raster for which we can define a color
  • Next article is on drawing rectangles


Bitmovin Video Developer Report

Published: 12 December 2022
Tags: sponsored, streaming, video

The report dives deeply into a number of topics surrounding the streaming industry, including the biggest challenges faced by developers, where the future opportunities are, and how engineers are optimizing video delivery. Get the report.


Rubbing control theory on the Go scheduler

Published: 15 December 2022
Tags: cpu, go, optimization

Irfan Sharif uses control theory, studies CPU scheduler latencies, builds forms of cooperative scheduling, and patches the Go runtime to reduce the impact of CPU utilization on tail latencies.
Some highlights:

  • Tail latency is the small percentage of response times from a system, out of all of the responses to the input/output (I/O) requests it serves, that takes the longest in comparison to the majority of its response times
  • With CPU sometimes high utilization is moderate over-utilization
  • The patch to the Go language was to track CPU use at the level of individual goroutines


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