Interoperability: what's rich is still poor

The Case for Models

Prerender pages in Chrome for instant page navigations

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Great results in our private Advent of Code (AoC) leaderboard so far. janar00 is in the lead, with Roberto Liffredo right at their heels. Embarrassingly I'm last, but I have an excuse, which is that I got distracted by making I was so inspired by the first two challenges of AoC, that I decided to build something useful instead. So I feel like it definitely served its purpose. As someone who enjoys building things, sometimes it's easy to lose the passion for a project when you start thinking about all of the boring boilerplate stuff you need to do, like setting up an API, database connection, routing, server, repo, domain, or *insert other repetitive task here*. In that case, doing something like AoC, which basically requires nothing other than a file or a REPL session, helps reignite the desire to build. You get that little dopamine hit from having the correct output and you're ready to go. I'll definitely be coming back to it whenever I feel like I'm hitting a slump.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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Interoperability: what's rich is still poor

Published: 12 December 2022
Tags: c, c++

Dr Stephen Kell discusses why interoperability between C and C++ is still not good, despite some improvement. The author discusses a particular programming task they carried out recently and how the lack of good interoperability made the task more difficult. The article ends with some thoughts on what good interoperability ought to mean.
Some highlights:

  • The task was writing some code to target a C-style plugin interface
  • It's important to embrace "diversity" and not try to pigeonhole what interoperability should be like
  • "When a coding task involves using code written in another language, we should be able to code in the native style, not just its surface syntax"


The Case for Models

Published: 11 December 2022
Tags: philosophy, typescript

This article is about the benefits of using models to combat the complexity of software. Alex Weisberger argues that models are essential to software minimalism and that they offer a number of benefits, including simplifying testing and proofing.
Some highlights:

  • Models are easy to understand
  • Models are cheaper to make
  • Models need to be kept in sync with actual implementation


Prerender pages in Chrome for instant page navigations

Published: 2 December 2022
Tags: chrome, web

In response to user complaints about slow page loading, the Chrome team is reintroducing full prerendering in Chrome 108. Prerendering allows the browser to automatically load future pages that a user is likely to navigate to, based on factors like the omnibox and search engine queries. Barry Pollard presents how it'll work and can be used.
Some highlights:

  • "Sites can use the Speculation Rules API, to programmatically tell Chrome which pages to prerender"
  • Prerendering dramatically improves a number of web vitals metrics
  • Special measures have to be taken to avoid messing with analytics


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