Assembly interpreter inside of TypeScript's type system

Perl is Actually Portable

Best practices for building an incident management plan and process

The one about Lisp interactivity

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Last issue before the weekend! Hope you all have a splendid one.
Stories like this about issues with the Google/Apple app stores make me happy I'm not a mobile app developer. I'm sure it doesn't happen THAT frequently, but jeez does it sound like a major pain when it does.


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Assembly interpreter inside of TypeScript's type system

Published: 16 November 2022
Tags: assembly, compiler, typescript

TypeScript's type system is advanced enough to be able to host entire programming languages inside of it. In the article, Jude Hunter discusses how how he created a dialect of Assembly inspired by RISC and ARMv7 called ts-asm.
Some highlights:

  • Other languages have been implemented in TypeScript types, including out ts-sql and typefuck
  • "a Branch or a Jump instruction tells the processor to continue execution from a different place in the program, instead of the next instruction"
  • This whole article is very impressive


Perl is Actually Portable

Published: 15 November 2022
Tags: perl, unix

Gavin Arthur Hayes discusses the process of porting the Perl scripting language to the Cosmopolitan Libc in order to create self-contained binaries.
Some highlights:

  • "The Cosmopolitan Libc allows building Actually Portable Executables: statically linked binaries that will run on six operating systems + BIOS"
  • Perl is built with Perl, so first you need to build a mini-version of Perl to build the full version
  • APPerl is now its own Perl distribution


Best practices for building an incident management plan and process

Published: 5 April 2022
Tags: infosec, sponsored

FireHydrant provides a detailed outline on what you should be doing when a breach in your security is discovered.
Some highlights:

  • Assign service ownership
  • Have clear incident roles
  • Have an established process for declaring incidents


The one about Lisp interactivity

Published: 10 November 2022
Tags: java, lisp

Michael Fogus explores the development process for a Lisp as compared to Java.
Some highlights:

  • Developing with a Lisp feels more like collaborating with the programming language, as opposed to ordering it around
  • One of the advantages of developing with a Lisp is being able to interact with your program as it's running
  • Lisps encourage continuous development cycles

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