More Evidence for Problems in VM Warmup

How PlanetScale Boost serves your SQL queries instantly

Build the modular monolith first

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More Evidence for Problems in VM Warmup

Published: 15 November 2022
Tags: benchmarking, compiler, java, research, vm

Laurence Tratt discusses a paper on the subject of how programming language VMs (Virtual Machines) warm-up, or often don't. The author describes how
Some highlights:

  • VMs are meant to run programs in an interpreter, observe which portions run frequently, then compile those portions into machine code which can be used instead of the interpreter
  • Research shows that the above doesn't really happen
  • According to the data, only 1/10th of the process executions on the JVM reach steady state


How PlanetScale Boost serves your SQL queries instantly

Published: 15 November 2022
Tags: cache, mysql, sql

Vicent Marti delves into PlanetScale's Boost, which is a new design for a caching architecture that is more performant than a cache and more efficient than a materialized view.
Some highlights:

  • In essence they're pushing all of the potential work done when reading data to writing data
  • Traditional materialized views are expensive because they need to generate every row on every update
  • Boost is essentially a partial materialized view created on only updated data


Build the modular monolith first

Published: 31 October 2022
Tags: microservices, monolith

Chris Klug highlights the pros and cons of microservices and monoliths.
Some highlights:

  • Microservices have the benefit of allowing easier development on multiple smaller teams and the option to choose the best language, and architecture, for each service
  • A downside to microservices is the network itself, which comes with reliability issues
  • Monoliths can easily become big balls of mud

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