On Coordinated Omission

Simple Scalable Unbounded Queue

Why would anyone need JavaScript generator functions?

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Another beautiful day. I was thinking about adding little coding challenges to every issue in a different language. Like reverse this string using C or reorder an array using Java. Nothing too challenging, just something to brush up on syntax. Or maybe one specific challenge every week, but a different language for every day? What do you think? I haven't figured out how the infrastructure would work yet, but wanted to ask before I dedicated any time to it.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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On Coordinated Omission

Published: 1 November 2022
Tags: testing, web

Ivan Prisyazhynyy discusses how Coordinated Omission can be created and then resolved.
Some highlights:

  • In open-model systems new requests arrive independent of how quickly the system processes requests
  • In closed-model systems new job arrivals are triggered only by job completions
  • "The Queuing approach for a static schedule is the most reliable and correct"


Simple Scalable Unbounded Queue

Published: 4 November 2022
Tags: rust

Protty describes the properties of channels and how they are categorized. The author then goes on to talk about their implementation of an Unbounded, Non-Blocking, MPSC (Multi-Producer Single-Consumer) channel.
Some highlights:

  • "a 'channel' refers to a type of queue generally used in a programming language for passing data from one concurrent task to another with extra amenities"
  • Bounded or Unbounded describes whether or not the channel has a maximum capacity of stuff it can have in it which hasn't been dequeued
  • "Blocking channels will pause the caller until it can interact with the channel whereas non-blocking channels will return immediately with some sort of error"


Why would anyone need JavaScript generator functions?

Published: 7 November 2022
Tags: javascript

James Sinclair talks about generators in JavaScript, and demonstrates how they can be used for lazy iterators, infinite iterators, and message passing.
Some highlights:

  • Generators are rarely used
  • Laziness allows you to process large data sets by loading one item at a time into memory
  • There aren't a lot of built in iterator utility functions

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