Building a Dynamic VRChat World

Reed-Solomon Error Correcting Codes from the Bottom Up

How to create maintainable Lambda functions using custom C# templates

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Hello, how low?
Hope you all had a great weekend. Here's a pretty long article on most of the things that go into setting up a typical SaaS website. It's two years old, but a lot of the concepts are still relevant. This long post is some advice/thoughts from someone who has been programming for 38 years.
Anyway, here's the issue.


Building a Dynamic VRChat World

Published: 14 November 2022
Tags: unity, vr

natalie describes the process of building a VRChat world that's a "chiptune music visualizer world where the effects are driven by the raw sound chip data".
Some highlights:

  • " VRChat uses the Unity engine, and by extension all worlds are created in Unity"
  • Doing anything complicated (programming wise) for VRChat is a bit of a hassle, because although it runs Unity, for security reasons developers aren't allowed to do any Unity scripting
  • A lot of VRChat users use Meta's Quest headset, which is more similar to a mobile phone than a desktop


Reed-Solomon Error Correcting Codes from the Bottom Up

Published: 7 August 2022
Tags: encoding, hardware, math

Tom Verbeure gives a digestible introduction to a technique used to make data storage or data transmission resilient against corruption.
Some highlights:

  • Lots of math, but mostly integer math and not crazy new academic math
  • "the Voyager spacecrafts used Reed-Solomon coding to transmit images when it was between Saturn and Uranus, and CDs can recover from scratches that corrupt up to 4000 bits thanks to the clever use of not one but two Reed-Solomon codes"
  • To correct up to s symbol errors, you need at least 2s redundant symbols


How to create maintainable Lambda functions using custom C# templates

Published: 1 November 2022
Tags: aws, c#, dotnet

Renato Golia presents a project of his called AWSLambdaSharpTemplate, which helps you write complicated lambda functions using C#, faster.
Some highlights:

  • The idea is to "use the Template Method pattern to give developers an experience that looks like the one offered by ASP.NET Core and its Startup class"
  • There are a bunch of additional resources linked for each different part of developing good lambda functions
  • Lambdas are difficult to maintain for complicated systems

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