HuBERT: How to Apply BERT to Speech, Visually Explained

Free Software is an Abject Failure

Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features

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Anyone into sports/working out + has recommendations for a wearable that keeps track of your heart rate/other important vitals? I primarily do weight lifting if that changes things. I'd only really exclude Apple watch, because I'm not really into the whole Apple ecosystem. Let me know by replying to this email or commenting on twitter. Of course I could research this myself, but why do that when I can ask the smartest people I know? :) Anyway, here's the issue.


HuBERT: How to Apply BERT to Speech, Visually Explained

Published: 30 October 2021
Tags: machine learning

Language recognition is one of the most popular applications of machine learning. Speech recognition specifically saw a huge improvement with the release of the wav2vec model in 2019. In this pretty article, Jonathan Boigne explains with wonderful diagrams how one of the newest models, HuBERT, is trained and how it differs from wav2vec 2.0.


Free Software is an Abject Failure

Published: 8 November 2021
Tags: philosophy

This could probably be considered a controversial piece, but if I wasn't exposing you to different perspectives and ideas, I wouldn't be meeting the expectations of this newsletter. Jake Bauer's article explores how free software (not to be confused with open source software) is ultimately a failed ideology and culture. Jake also picks apart the GPL and free software's relevancy.


Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features

Published: 8 November 2021
Tags: psql

I know it has a click-baity title, but I promise it's not another crappy listicle (NACL). As someone who has been using Postgresql daily for the past year, while also aggressively searching for new features that might make my life easier, even I picked up a couple of things from this article. Haki Benita covers (and includes examples for) getting the number of updated/inserted rows in an upsert, granting permissions on specific columns, matching against multiple patterns, and many more features.

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