The Joy of Concurrent Logic Programming

Exploring fff part 2 - get_ls_colors

What is the new LZ4 TOAST compression in PostgreSQL 14, and how fast is it?

Issue #120


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Hope you had a lovely weekend. Last Monday I included a longish intro, and a sub later commented that they thought it would be a better idea to write them up in posts, rather than having them in the newsletter. I thought that was a good idea, because then I could just include a link to them in the intro for anyone who was interested, and was planning on implementing it over the weekend. Unfortunately I felt super burnt out on Sunday and just took the day off. Lazy Sundays are necessary every once in a while! I'll let you know when I get something up (I already had an idea suggested for writing about how I curate this newsletter, and I have some of my own ideas too). In the mean time, here's the issue!


The Joy of Concurrent Logic Programming

Published: 7 November 2021
Tags: prolog

Optimizing software by parallelizing it across the plentiful cores available on modern CPUs might be one of the fastest methods for improving performance. But doing so is no trivial task. In this article, Felix Winkelmann explores parallel and concurrent programming using Prolog.


Exploring fff part 2 - get_ls_colors

Published: 7 November 2021
Tags: bash

Part 1 of this series was featured in issue #84. In this part, DJ Adams continues to spelunk into the depths of fff ("a simple file manager written in Bash"), this time focusing on the colorization functions that make files appear pretty in the terminal.


What is the new LZ4 TOAST compression in PostgreSQL 14, and how fast is it?

Published: 21 October 2021
Tags: psql

I wish I had read this earlier last week, before I spent the whole week optimizing PostGIS queries. Would it have solved all of my issues? Not really, but it would've given me a better idea of what was going on. In this article, Haiying Tang discusses the new compression algos available in Postgresql, explains their potential impact, and demonstrates the performance results from testing.

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