NFT Gaming is snake oil

Transformations by the Oracle Optimizer

Provably Space-Efficient Parallel Functional Programming

Issue #155


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It seems like the articles I've had discussing NFTs/crypto have been fairly anti-NFTs/crypto. That also happens to line up with how I view them. I'm very aware of my bias though, and haven't come across any articles arguing their positives that I thought were decent enough to feature. If you have, share them with me and maybe they'll be featured. I'm all for having a balanced view of something.
Anyway, last issue of the week. Hope you have another lovely weekend!


NFT Gaming is snake oil

Published: 1 January 2022
Tags: crypto

Nick Berry explores the history of gaming and highlights some of the implementation issues with using NFTs in videogames.


Transformations by the Oracle Optimizer

Published: 14 January 2022
Tags: sql

Jonathan Lewis illuminates some common database query optimizations one can make when the Oracle Optimizer is being underwhelming.


Provably Space-Efficient Parallel Functional Programming

Published: 14 January 2022
Tags: functional

Sam Westrick, Jatin Arora, and Umut Acar explain how poor performance in implicitly-parallel functional programming can be counteracted by "utilizing a memory property of parallel functional programs called disentanglement".

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