Let’s build an LC-3 Virtual Machine

File IO improvements in .NET 6

Proving 50-Year-Old Sorting Networks Optimal: Part 1

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A Byte of Coding Issue #83
No one replied about the community issue yesterday, so I'll take that as a big no. Oh well. Here's another issue!
PS. whoa caught myself nearly forgetting to add a title for an article. Sorry about when that happens. I don't have a system in place at the moment that checks it, but will soon hopefully!

Let’s build an LC-3 Virtual Machine

Published: 27 August 2021
Tags: rust

A virtual machine is pretty much another computer running inside of your computer's system. One excuse to build them from scratch is to better understand how computers work. Rodrigo Araujo's extensive article was created for just that reason, and Rodrigo does an excellent job of explaining those gnarly bits that leave you scratching your head (like unexplained bitwise operations).

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File IO improvements in .NET 6

Published: 1 September 2021
Tags: csharp, dotnet

Reading from/writing to files is going to a play a role in most systems, making it a crucial feature of any language/framework. Well with .NET 6, there have been a number of changes to the FileStream class. In this expansive article, Adam Sitnik covers all of the improvements for FileStream that fall under performance, thread-safe file IO, scatter/gather IO, and some breaking changes.

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Proving 50-Year-Old Sorting Networks Optimal: Part 1

Published: 4 May 2021
Tags: algorithms

Sorting networks are like sorting algorithms that require a fixed length of items as input and are made up of comparison elements that just change the items position based on their value. And they're sequential programs. Not a very good explanation? Well Jannis Harder does a much better job in this article. After the introduction, Jannis answers questions like where are sorting networks used, how are they identified, how they're constructed, and how to prove their optimality.

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