The Last Vestiges Of Object Oriented Programming

How Mercado Libre optimized for Web Vitals (TBT/FID)

V8 release v8.6

Issue #8


A Byte of Coding Issue #8
Sup guys and gals?
Boo-ya-kasha. That's right, template is finally done. In the end, my superb friend did what I could not, and made a fantastic template for us to use. So welcome, to the first properly templated edition of A Byte of Coding.

Without having an extensive education in programming, I've never really thought hard about what common patterns or standards I should use for a project. I've always taken the a "what fits best" approach, which was primarily based off of my own experience with programming. And I think I needed to do that, to get a good grip on the basics, and thinking my own way through problems. Of course I also did some research, on what others recommended, but I've never really sat down and tried to read a textbook on some concept or design principle.

I think that'll be my next major step in terms of improving how I code. If you got any recommendations on books, articles, essays, or well explained examples on high-level design choices hit me up. Here's that issue!

The Last Vestiges Of Object Oriented Programming

Published: 07 September 2020
Tags: cpp

One of the design approaches I'm not too experienced with is OOP. I've heard it's got its good sides, and its bad sides, but have had few concrete examples of either. In this informative article, Geoffrey Viola uses C++ to demonstrate some of the limitations of OOP, and how they can be re-implemented better using simpler constructs than classes. Regardless of OOP experience, I think this is a good one for you because of its applicable examples.
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How Mercado Libre optimized for Web Vitals (TBT/FID)

Published: 21 September 2020
Tags: optimization, web dev

Slow loading websites ain't no fun. There really is a drawback to piling up your webpages with tons of JavaScript, for some kewl, but obscure feature. Demian Renzulli, Carlos Aranha, and Joan BacaJoan Baca have written an article about some work done for Mercado Libre's website that reduced a metric used to measure how fast sties load for users by 10x. Some of the measures taken include code splitting, module importing reduction, and plain ol' code removal.
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V8 release v8.6

Published: 21 September 2020
Tags: javascript

V8 is the engine that powers JavaScript in the browser and in NodeJS. With Google constantly working on it, it continues to get better and better. In this round of updates, Ingvar Stepanyan describes what these updates are made up, specifically an opensource JS-Fuzzer, speed-ups in Number.prototype.toString, the renaming of Atomics.wake, the Single Instruction, Multiple Data propsal on Liftoff (WebAssembly compiler), faster Wasm-to-JS calls, and detecting pending background tasks with Isolate::HasPendingBackgroundTasks.

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