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A Byte of Coding #7
Hello peeps,

So someone asked me to add A Byte of Coding to Feedly/enable RSS subscription. I don't especially want to do this, because there are some drawbacks in regards to sending personalized content. However, if enough of you want it, I'll do it, because I like you guys/gals and want to make your life easier. So write in and tell me RELEASE THE RSS!!!

Aaaand here's the issue.

CQRS and MediatR in ASP.NET Core
13th of September, 2020 -
So we've had posts about design patterns (forgot that word last time). And it's because I like them. Like I said before, I feel like a lot of time and decision effort is lost when you're building out a big project and maybe forget how you've been doing things. Well this article presents two different patterns, then goes on to explaining how these patterns are used in the MediatR library for networking in ASP.NET.

std::span in C++20: Bounds-Safe Views for Sequences of Objects
14th of September, 2020 - cpp
The implementation of more abstracted ideas in lower-level languages can be controversial. You get a nice shortcut for doing things, but you lose the detail in the abstraction. One of such features, is the new span object in C++20. Well if you want to use it, Rainer Grimm's article, like always, does an excellent job of describing how to use span for continuous sequences with the help of plenty of examples in C++.

What is blocking and how would you troubleshoot it?
17th of September, 2020 - sql
A typical problem in programming is when two processes need to use the same resource, at the same time. Fortunately it's a well documented problem, and the internet is full of information on how you can avoid it. In this short article by Ke Pi, we're brought the problem as it relates to databases. Ke Pi covers how SQL blocking happens and how you can troubleshoot it for your own database.

That's it for today. Have an o-so-niiiiice weekend.

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