Accessible Web Animation: The WCAG on Animation Explained

Creating a JavaScript promise from scratch, Part 1: Constructor

Content delivery networks (CDNs)

Issue #9


A Byte of Coding Issue #9
Howdy huskies,
How are you doing? I hope well.

Do you guys feel like I have too many web dev related articles? It's what I'm mostly involved in, so I have a bias. Let me know how you feel. I'm down to switch it up.

Anyway, here's the issue.

PS. This one is very web dev heavy. But the articles were good, so deal with it. Also thanks to everyone who wrote in to say that they like the template!

Accessible Web Animation: The WCAG on Animation Explained

Published: 22 September 2020
Tags: css

The internet is probably one of the best inventions of the 20th century. Connecting people across the world, with different perspectives, views, and knowledge makes the world a better place more-so than being a detriment. However it's also important to keep in mind that not everyone uses the internet, and our windows into it, websites, in the same way. In this informative article, Val Head goes through the specifications for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and explains them in practical terms.


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Creating a JavaScript promise from scratch, Part 1: Constructor

Published: 22 September 2020
Tags: javascript

Promises are a huge part of web development with JavaScript. Being able to run code knowing that it can use the data received from an external source is huge. But how do these promises work? Nicholas C. Zakas has written series that builds this essential component from the ground up. I think there's no better way to get to know a feature than making it from scratch.
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Content delivery networks (CDNs)

Published: 22 September 2020
Tags: networking

Another great part of the internet is being able to use resources from other people. This is a popular way of getting things done in web development (npm install check-if-variable-is-false??). But in web dev, you can use these scripts in real-time, when a user loads the page. Katie Hempenius' article discusses CDNs, one of the main ways of achieving this real-time resource sharing. Katie covers how they work, why caching is good, and how performance can be improved overall.

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