Why (Graph) DBMSs Need New Join Algorithms: The Story of Worst-case Optimal Join Algorithms

"Clean" Code, Horrible Performance

Give Me Flexibility and Give Me Types

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Why (Graph) DBMSs Need New Join Algorithms: The Story of Worst-case Optimal Join Algorithms

Published: 22 February 2023
Tags: algorithms, database, math, sql

Semih Salihoğlu dives into what Worst-case Optimal Join (wcoj) algorithms are, how they can be useful in databases management systems, and how they're implemented in the Kùzu database.
Some highlights:

  • Wcoj algorithms propose that queries involving complex “cyclic joins” over many-to-many relationships should be evaluated column at a time instead of table at a time
  • "Worst-case optimal" means that the worst-case runtime of these algorithms meets a known lower bound for the worst-case runtime of any join algorithm
  • Kùzu generates plans that mix binary joins and wcoj-style multiway intersections


"Clean" Code, Horrible Performance

Published: 28 February 2023
Tags: c++, philosophy, rant

Casey Muratori discusses the idea of "clean code" and how it can affect the performance of a program.
Some highlights:

  • Casey argues that "clean" code is not very performant
  • Uses an example to demonstrate his point
  • I feel like it's pretty obvious that there's often a tradeoff between performance and "clean" code, but still an interesting perspective to read about


Give Me Flexibility and Give Me Types

Published: 21 February 2023
Tags: design patterns, oop, philosophy, type theory

Xander explains the advantages of being able to build up types in parts in a number of different languages.
Some highlights:

  • Composition is multiple inheritance
  • Structural typing is much like the name says: the ability to use the structure of data as a type (like TypeScript)
  • Type intersections = good


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