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X.520: What’s in a name? (2022)

Escaping misconfigured VSCode extensions

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System Design Pastebin

Published: 9 December 2022
Tags: api, software architecture

NK explores the design and implementation of Pastebin from a interviewing perspective (as if you're asked to implement it in a job interview).
Some highlights:

  • Covers how Pastebin works
  • Presents questions you should be asking the interviewer
  • Goes on a fairly detailed explanation of the system's implementation


X.520: What’s in a name? (2022)

Published: 31 January 2023
Tags: dns, history, networking, web

Ryan Sleevi discusses the incompatibility between the RFC 2459, 3280, and RFC 5280 (often just referred to as “PKIX”) and the ITU.T X.509.
Some highlights:

  • ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, submitted Liaison Statement 1773 to the IETF recently, which raised concerns that there are limits to how many characters certain Subject/Issuer fields can contain within RFC 2459, 3280, and RFC 5280
  • The Directory was a competitor to other contemporaneous protocols such as HTTP (1990) and Gopher (1991), but more of a database-style protocol, focused on attributes and objects
  • The web's certificate authority system is kind of dated


Escaping misconfigured VSCode extensions

Published: 21 February 2023
Tags: infosec, javascript

This two-part blog series covers how Vasco Franco found and disclosed three vulnerabilities in VSCode extensions and one vulnerability in VSCode itself.
Some highlights:

  • The underlying cause of each vulnerability is identified and fully working exploits are demonstrated
  • Recommends ways to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future
  • The first part of the series focuses on vulnerabilities in VSCode extensions, in particular two Microsoft extensions: SARIF viewer and Live Preview


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