The Philosophy of Computer Science

Odd Sketches

Poor schemas, poor cataloguing: why music tagging sucks

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Oh boy am I sore. I'm trying out all of these physio stretching and strengthening exercises to make the big joints (knees, hips, shoulders) more resilient and oof do they make some tiny, underused muscles work hard. I messed up my shoulder snowboarding two years ago and on the shoulder exercises I can feel that the one I messed up is dramatically weaker than the other. It's weird because on the bigger weight lifting movements (ie, dumbbell shoulder press), that imbalance doesn't exist.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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The Philosophy of Computer Science

Published: 19 January 2021
Tags: algorithms, data structures, design patterns, development processes, research, software architecture

Raymond Turner, Giuseppe Primiero, and Nicola Angius discuss the philosophy of computer science.
Some highlights:

  • "The philosophy of computer science considers the ontology and epistemology of computational systems, focusing on problems associated with their specification, programming, implementation, verification and testing"
  • The article generally leans heavily in academia
  • A good overview of most about everything that goes into writing code


Odd Sketches

Published: 19 February 2023
Tags: algorithms, data, data structures, research

Parth Parikh "delve[s] into a problem specific to search engines: efficiently estimating the similarity between two sets".
Some highlights:

  • First looks at the Jaccard similarity coefficient
  • Exploration of minhashing
  • How "odd sketches" were created as a solution for an issue in minhasing


Poor schemas, poor cataloguing: why music tagging sucks

Published: 18 February 2023
Tags: data, database, streaming

The author illuminates the data schemas of songs and albums, and how them breaking typical conventions makes working with their data difficult.
Some highlights:

  • Songs have duplicate album information on them
  • No standardized tagging system
  • Versioning and cataloguing are nontrivial problems


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