Making Sense of Acquire-Release Semantics

Transformer models: an introduction and catalog — 2023 Edition

Becoming A Successful Open-Source Librarian

Dusting off Dreamcast Linux

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Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Thank you to whoever left the kind words on the feedback form for the last issue. I really appreciate it.
Today I found out my current internet provider blocks all .io domains. Fantastic. I really dislike countries with noticeable internet censorship. At this point every country censors the internet to some extent, but it really grinds my gears when I notice it in my everyday life.
Anyway, not much else to say today, so here's the issue.


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Making Sense of Acquire-Release Semantics

Published: 19 February 2023
Tags: c, memory

Dave Kilian discusses acquire-release semantics and how they are applied to writing lock-free code in native languages like C, C++ and Rust.
Some highlights:

  • "If memory worked the way you thought it did, you’d never need to acquire or release anything. Unfortunately, memory doesn’t work the way you think it does"
  • Code examples in C
  • CPU optimizations make memory nonlinearizable


Transformer models: an introduction and catalog — 2023 Edition

Published: 16 January 2023
Tags: ai, machine learning

Xavier Amatriain has created a catalog of all of the transformer models that have been created in the past few years. The catalog includes the name of the model, a brief description, the date it was created, and any relevant links.
Some highlights:

  • A timeline of the transformer models, highlighting the ones Xavier consider to be noteworthy.
  • Explanation of what transformers are
  • Lots of good resources for different models


Becoming A Successful Open-Source Librarian

Published: 10 November 2022
Tags: management, open source, sponsored

Stream introduces strategies for building and maintaining successful open-source software.
Some highlights:

  • Written by Jaewoong (skydoves), who "has built more than 80 open-source libraries and projects for Android and Kotlin, notably Pokedex, Balloon, Landscapist, ColorPickerView, and Sandwich since 2017 on GitHub"
  • Discusses how to implement a software life cycle
  • Explores API and project design


Dusting off Dreamcast Linux

Published: 19 February 2023
Tags: c, hardware, history, linux

This article is about a version of Linux that was created for the Dreamcast gaming console. It was one of the earliest versions of Linux for game consoles, and it is still possible to run it on a Dreamcast today.
Some highlights:

  • Discusses some of the unique features of this version of Linux, and provides instructions on how to set it up
  • The author attempts some of the old kernel libraries, while trying not to break the whole system
  • Presents some of the history of the OS


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