How Netflix Scales its API with GraphQL Federation (Part 1)

DBA in training: Backups, SLAs, and restore strategies

Low Hanging Fruits in Frontend Performance Optimization

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A Byte of Coding Issue #33
You know, some days I feel like skipping an issue, so I login to create the email and see that one more person signed up. Then I think man (or woman), if I had just signed up expecting to receive a juicy newsletter to digest, only to have my brain-stomach grumbling in its absence, I'd pretty pissed off. So thank you all for motivating me to be better, I wouldn't do it as frequently without you.

Here is that issue.

How Netflix Scales its API with GraphQL Federation (Part 1)

Published: 10 November 2020
Tags: graphql, architecture

Netflix should really sponsor me with the number of articles I've posted from them over the past few weeks. But I just find the solutions for such massive scale problems like what Netflix has to deal with fascinating. In this lengthy article, Tejas Shikhare discusses how Netflix historically handled the core data required by different teams, and how it shifted towards a more "unified but decoupled, curated but fast moving" approach, with the help of federated types.

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DBA in training: Backups, SLAs, and restore strategies

Published: 9 November 2020
Tags: sql

Have you had to setup or refactor three different databases recently? No? Well I have, and let me tell you what, it's a lot easier to do it when you have an idea of what you're doing. Fortunately if you don't, but are planning on pulling a DB hat-trick anytime soon, Pamela Mooney's article is for you. In this series, Pamela covers all the essentials of being the big bad database admin, but in this one specifically she illuminates a plethora of backup and restore strategies that'll save your ass when everything goes to shit.

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Low Hanging Fruits in Frontend Performance Optimization

Published: 10 November 2020
Tags: optimization

There are few things more frustrating than navigating to a webpage and having to wait over three seconds to be able to do anything. "Alex, you're just a spoiled brat too used to fast internet" you say. No dear reader, I'm just a professional who understands that there are ways for solving this if you're not a lazy dev. Paweł Urbanek has written an in depth article on the topic, not only providing a variety of different methods for testing, but also offering a bunch of specific tips for cutting down load times.

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