Efficient and Flexible Model-Based Testing

The insert benchmark on ARM and x86 cloud servers

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Sometimes it really does feel like inspiration is just the result of some cosmic particle smacking into a neuron, firing off a fission-esque chain reaction that powers a train of thought. I had such an experience last night in the shower.
Do you ever think about the meaning of life? Personally I've decided long ago that there is no meaning, other than the one you give it. Hence, I tend to think about what meaning I want my life to have, instead of what the meaning is for everyone. My meaning is by no means THE meaning (or maybe it is?), it's just the one I like. I think in life we face a lot of choices every day. Sometimes those choices are simple and sometimes they're very complicated. Having some vague ideal as an end goal can help steer your decisions when facing the latter. So take 5 minutes, when you're crapping or showering or whatever, and try thinking about what meaning you want your life to be. What will enable you to look back on your life when your time comes and think "there were ups and downs, there were some victories and regrets, but ultimately my actions have lead to a life I'm proud of".
Today's intro was brought to you by my recent anime/manga binge.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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Efficient and Flexible Model-Based Testing

Published: 31 January 2023
Tags: javascript, testing

Alex Weisberger discusses how to upgrade one's model-based testing strategy.
Some highlights:

  • An action is a transition in a state machine/state transition system
  • Talks about the theoretical concepts of refinement mappings and auxiliary variables
  • Refinement mappings overcome both state incompatibility and the need for action sequences


The insert benchmark on ARM and x86 cloud servers

Published: 23 January 2023
Tags: arm, aws, cpu, x86

Mark Callaghancompares the performance of ARM and x86 servers on AWS.
Some highlights:

  • Uses the insert benchmark to compare the two types of servers
  • Performance for x86 and Arm was mostly similar for medium and high concurrency while x86 was faster at 1 client thread
  • Large differences on the high concurrency tests


Reading Files in Unison

Published: 22 January 2023
Tags: compiler, functional, haskell

Erik Engheim explains how to do I/O in a pure functional language using Algebraic Effects.
Some highlights:

  • In a functional programming language, I/O is typically done using algebraic effects
  • This allows for the ability to "bubble up" the call stack until you decide to handle them, similar to how methods in Java need to be declared as throwing exceptions if they call one or more other methods throwing exceptions
  • "I/O code can look complex primarily because you are unaccustomed to Unison style error handling", but once you learn it, it becomes a fairly obvious solution


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