All about sanitizer interceptors

A dancing space leak

A comprehensive guide for the fastest possible Docker builds in human existence

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All about sanitizer interceptors

Published: 8 January 2023
Tags: c, c++, compiler

MeowRay discusses how sanitizers work and the requirements of sanitizer interceptors.
Some highlights:

  • Interceptors work differently on ELF, Apple, and Windows platforms
  • Interceptors have a number of requirements for each platform
  • Sanitizers leverage symbol interposition to redirect such library function calls to their own implementation: interceptors


A dancing space leak

Published: 6 January 2023
Tags: aws, cloud, cpu, server

The article discusses a space leak in the Social Dance Today server and how Tom Sydney Kerckhove fixed it.
Some highlights:

  • The server was suddenly going down and that the CPU credits were running out
  • Tom noticed that the service with the biggest memory footprint was the one with the space leak
  • The problem was all stemming from an incorrectly configured cache


A comprehensive guide for the fastest possible Docker builds in human existence

Published: 3 January 2023
Tags: aws, containers, docker, kubernetes, optimization

Aaron Batilo shares how he increased the speed of docker builds by using a persistent cache.
Some highlights:

  • "builds went from about 3.5 minutes down to about 50 seconds in the cold case and about 15 seconds when a given container in my monorepo hadn’t changed"
  • Uses docker buildkit with kubernetes
  • Setup for using with gitHub action workflow


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