How to avoid bounds checks in Rust (without unsafe!)

Memory Safety in a Modern Systems Programming Language Part 1

Taking over a Dead IoT Company

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How to avoid bounds checks in Rust (without unsafe!)

Published: 17 January 2023
Tags: benchmarking, compiler, optimization, rust

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff discusses the runtime cost of bounds checks on indexing and how to avoid them without resorting to unsafe code.
Some highlights:

  • Bounds checks are in place to prevent buffer overflow attacks
  • The real-world performance impact of bounds checks is surprisingly low, with the greatest impact being in the 1-3% range (improvement in speed)
  • Lots of info on profiling performance on different systems


Memory Safety in a Modern Systems Programming Language Part 1

Published: 21 June 2022
Tags: compiler, d

In this first article of the series, Ate Eskola discusses how memory safety can be achieved in D using scoped pointers.
Some highlights:

  • DIP1000 is a set of enhancements to the language rules regarding pointers, slices, and other references
  • DIP1000 is an attempt to solve reference lifetime problem by extending implementation of `scope` keyword
  • "there is no need for scope and return scope for function attributes if they receive only static or GC-allocated data"


Taking over a Dead IoT Company

Published: 9 January 2023
Tags: business, hardware, javascript, python

Kevin Chung breaks down the failure of a IoT sign creating company and dives into the hardware/software of their product.
Some highlights:

  • A mix of business/hardware/software
  • Kevin disassembles the product and discovers its failures
  • Kevin ties it back to his own project making a matrix LED sign


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