Setting Up a CI System Part 1: Preparing Your Test Machines

CDN Up and Running

Webpack to Vite: our migration story

Performance of WebAssembly runtimes in 2023

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Setting Up a CI System Part 1: Preparing Your Test Machines

Published: 8 February 2021
Tags: hardware, testing

The article is part of a series on how to set up a bare-metal CI system for Linux driver development. In this first article, Martin Roukala sets up a machine for testing by implementing a number of useful features.
Some highlights:

  • Ability to select which hardware is needed for testing
  • Deploy the test environment quickly and automatically
  • full isolation between testing jobs and caching resources to speed up the test machines' set-up/boot time


CDN Up and Running

Published: 10 January 2022
Tags: distributed systems, docker, lua, nginx, rust

Leandro Moreira discusses the various components that go into building a CDN, including nginx, lua, docker, docker-compose, Prometheus, grafana, and wrk.
Some highlights:

  • CDN helps improve load times for content, reduces costs, and removes some major scalability issues
  • Includes lots of information on how to monitor your CDN service
  • Overview of challenges and trade-offs of building, managing, and operating a CDN


Webpack to Vite: our migration story

Published: 4 January 2023
Tags: javascript, sponsored, web

Swimm illuminates the process of migrating from Webpack to Vite, to improve their development speed.
Some highlights:

  • Briefly explains what both Webpack and Vite are
  • Delves into difficulties that were ran into during the migration
  • Highlights the advantages of changing


Performance of WebAssembly runtimes in 2023

Published: 4 January 2023
Tags: web, web assembly

Frank Denis presents the current state of WebAssembly (wasm) runtimes and compares their progress since the previous benchmark.
Some highlights:

  • Lots of wasm runtimes have been abandoned
  • iwasm currently has the best performance
  • Swift can now emit wasm code and C/C++ is way easier to compile to wasm using zig cc


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