Transformers for software engineers

Those HTML Attributes You Never Use

I built a receipt printer for GitHub issues

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Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. I spent part of it thinking about if COVID has fundamentally shifted how a large part of the population works (more remote, less in office). Will companies keep making it easy for their employees to choose how and where they want to work? I got into thinking about it because over the past couple of weeks, I've been between a number of places in the same country that have significantly different prices, for essentially the same thing. If employees can continue to work remotely, while relocating to lower cost of living areas, does that benefit the economy in that it allows for a breaking up of concentrated areas of wealth? Or does it lead to even worse problems with locals in these previously low cost of living areas being priced out of their home? Anyway, those were some of the thoughts I had. Here's the issue.


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Transformers for software engineers

Published: 31 March 2022
Tags: machine learning

Nelson Elhage takes a look at the Transformer model architecture for deep learning from the lens of a software engineer.


Those HTML Attributes You Never Use

Published: 22 March 2022
Tags: html

Louis Lazaris' article illuminates obscure HTML attributes like enterkeyhint, stylesheet title, cite, a number of different ones for custom ordered lists, download, decoding, loading, form, and a few more. It is a bit of a listicle, but the obscurity and detail in the explanation of each attribute made it worth featuring for me.


I built a receipt printer for GitHub issues

Published: 24 March 2022
Tags: php

Andrew Schmelyun outlines how he built a system using PHP, a Raspberry Pi Zero, and a receipt printer to print out newly submitted Github issues on receipt paper for his open source projects.

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