Benchmarking Non-shared Locks in Java

Erlang/OTP profiling: fprof

How Bevy uses Rust traits for labeling

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I'm just going to put this out there for anyone it's relevant to; if you write content in English and your English isn't great, please ask or hire someone to proofread + correct it for you. With the advent of all of these freelancer websites, it's fairly trivial to do and it'll improve your content immeasurably (actually it's very measurable, because you'll probably have much better viewing stats for proofread content over non-proofread content). Just thought I'd put that out there, because there's nothing worse than coming across an article that has great informative potential, but is completely unintelligible due to poor grammar. Time is valuable, and if you're not going to invest that little bit more of effort/money into making your content comprehensible, why should someone invest their time into trying to make sense of it?
Anyway, Swiss cheese (specifically Gruyère at this moment) is tasty and here's the issue.


Benchmarking Non-shared Locks in Java

Published: 9 January 2022
Tags: java

Locks are a key component in thread programming. In this practical article, Andrey Pechkurov explores several different options for spin locks in Java; specifically focusing on their performance in terms of latency.


Erlang/OTP profiling: fprof

Published: 11 January 2022
Tags: erlang

Profiling your application/code is a great way to figure out if there are any performance issues. Viacheslav Katsuba's article introduces a library for profiling in Erlang, providing some examples of basic usage and explaining how it works in practice.


How Bevy uses Rust traits for labeling

Published: 10 January 2022
Tags: rust

Bevy is a game engine written in Rust. In this article, Pascal Hertleif describes Bevy's basic usage philosophy and how you can "type" things using labels.

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