The Third Web

Saving a Third of Our Memory by Re-ordering Go Struct Fields

Desired state systems

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Hello 2022
Hope you guys had a great New Year. Mine was full of covid. I think I know more people who got it over the holidays than those who didn't. Crazy. Luckily it seems to be pretty light for everyone I know, and hopefully that's the case for everyone else too. Here's the first issue of 2022!


The Third Web

Published: 17 December 2021
Tags: web3

Lots of hype around web3. If you don't know what it web3 is, this article by Jürgen Geuter does a great job of introducing it. Jürgen also shares his opinions on why he thinks it's terrible.


Saving a Third of Our Memory by Re-ordering Go Struct Fields

Published: 7 August 2020
Tags: go

With modern computers having a comfortable to insane amount of RAM available, it's pretty easy to be lazy with our memory management as programmers. In this article, Lane Wagner explains how a minor change in how a struct was defined had a major impact on a program's memory consumption.


Desired state systems

Published: 7 January 2022
Tags: javascript, cloud

I'd say a lot of programming architecting is balancing the complexity of an abstraction vs the complexity of reality. When does the abstraction become more of a maintenance issue than reality and vice versa? Branislav Jenco's article explores the abstraction he calls "desired state system", that "wraps an underlying API or system which has an imperative, mutable interface and allows its user to specify a desired state for this underlying system".

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