Yes, fun browser extensions can have vulnerabilities too!

Performant A/B Testing with Cloudflare Workers

Ordering Movie Credits With Graph Theory

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Yeesh it's -20C outside at the moment. Fuck that. It's just not fun. Shout out to anyone who lives in a place that drops that low or lower; you're a trooper. Anyway, here's the issue.


Yes, fun browser extensions can have vulnerabilities too!

Published: 20 December 2021
Tags: infosec, javascript

I'm always cautious about adding browser extensions because it feels like I'm always giving them too much data or control. Well in this article, Wladimir Palant presents a cross-site scripting vulnerability in a seemingly harmless, popular browser extension.


Performant A/B Testing with Cloudflare Workers

Published: 20 December 2021
Tags: web

Cloudflare workers are pretty neat; I used them to get OAuth sign up for the newsletter on my site. Philip Walton's article demonstrates how one can use them to do A/B testing with your website, without sacrificing performance.


Ordering Movie Credits With Graph Theory

Published: 21 December 2021
Tags: math

Movie end credits are a pain to handle because they have a lot of moving parts. It's one of those niche, difficult tasks that not many people appreciate. Well in this article by Alan Grow and John "Pliny" Eremic, we get a glimpse of how math (specifically graphs) is used to determine the ordering of roles in credits.

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