On the potential of Transformers in Reinforcement Learning

Upgrading a motherboard’s BIOS/UEFI (the hard way)

React prerendering experiments in Clojure(script) land

Issue #145


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I know everyone is taking it easy when I get spammed with "Out of office" emails after an issue. Hope you enjoy your time off! I might take next week and the week after off (because of traveling), but I haven't decided yet. Just giving you a heads up. Anyway, here's today's issue!


On the potential of Transformers in Reinforcement Learning

Published: 18 December 2021
Tags: machine learning

“Transformers architectures are the hottest thing in supervised and unsupervised learning, achieving SOTA results on natural language processing, vision, audio and multimodal tasks”. In this technically heavy article, Lorenzo Pieri introduces transformers, briefly describes how they were able to simplify previously complex deep learning models, and outlines some of their advantages and disadvantages.


Upgrading a motherboard’s BIOS/UEFI (the hard way)

Published: 19 December 2021
Tags: hardware

Fiddling with hardware is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve ever considered building your own computer, I’d highly recommend it. In this article, Doug Brown takes it one step further, by setting himself the challenge of upgrading a montherboard’s BIOS without using any of the conventional approaches for his specific motherboard.


React prerendering experiments in Clojure(script) land

Published: 21 September 2021
Tags: web, clojurescript

Server-side rendering is when you render the HTML/CSS/JavaScript you need for your website on your server, on request. It’s great for SEO and minimizing work done client-side. In this experimental article, Arthur Barroso presents a couple of different methods for achieving server-side rendering using Clojurescript.

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