Why your multiprocessing Pool is stuck (it’s full of sharks!)

Writing a simple 16 bit VM in less than 125 lines of C

Generate All the Things

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Sorry for missing the issue yesterday. Traveling has me knocked out the groove. I'll have an extra issue tomorrow to make up for it.
What do you guys think about web3? It seems like people have discovered a hammer (blockchain), and now everything looks like a nail to them. Has anyone actually come across an application that benefits from using blockchain over more conventional methods?
Here's the issue.
PS. Since I ask you guys and gals questions a lot, and get some pretty good answers, I think I'm going to start a page or set of pages on the website with the questions I ask and the answers I get. I'll ask your permission to use any answer you send in a follow up email.


Why your multiprocessing Pool is stuck (it’s full of sharks!)

Published: 1 October 2021
Tags: python

Dealing with threads and parallel processing is one of the more complicated aspects of writing code, especially when there are obscure issues that might cause your program to become deadlocked. In this informative article, Itamar Turner-Trauring dives deeply into the inner workings of Python's multiprocessing pool and why deadlock issues might arise due to process forking.


Writing a simple 16 bit VM in less than 125 lines of C

Published: 1 December 2021
Tags: c

Title really says it all. Andrei Ciobanu starts with the basics of what a virtual machine is covers every step in the journey of implementing one.


Generate All the Things

Published: 6 December 2021
Tags: rust

Property based testing is when you test a general property of an output. It's been popularized in Haskell by the QuickTest framework. In this article however, Aleksey Kladov focuses on a specific step for property testing; "how to conveniently enumerate any kind of combinatorial object without using recursion" in Rust.

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