What is Better, Recursion or Iteration?

Fast CSV processing with SIMD

Compiling The Machinery with Emscripten: Part 2 — Graphics

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Sorry these have been late the past two days. Normally I do all of the work the weekend before, but I was traveling and didn't have time to get around to it for this week. Got any cool plans for the holidays? Here's the issue.


What is Better, Recursion or Iteration?

Published: 1 December 2021
Tags: python, assembly

To iterate or to recurse? That is the question that Llorenç Muntaner answers in this article. Llorenç explores the similarities and differences in taking an iterative or recursive approach by breaking down the implementations of both in pseudo-assembly.


Fast CSV processing with SIMD

Published: 4 December 2021
Tags: c

If you’re working with csv data using standard UNIX tools like awk, sed, sort, etc. then you might run into issues with embedded commas and newlines being incorrectly interpreted as separators. In this concise article, Chris Wellons demonstrates his own optimized implementation of a library that helps you handle these issues and explains how he went about optimizing it.


Compiling The Machinery with Emscripten: Part 2 — Graphics

Published: 6 December 2021
Tags: emscripten

The web is becoming home to more complicated applications, which would traditionally be only available as desktop/mobile native applications, a large part due to hardware improvements and compilation of software to web assembly. In this informative second article in the series, Niklas Gray presents some of the challenges faced when porting a game engine to the browser using Emscripten.

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