A guide to designing accessible, WCAG-compliant focus indicators

How to build a Low-Tech website: Software & Hardware

IPv4 addresses are silly, inet_aton(3) doubly so.

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Still super salty about having my Twitter API access application declined. If anyone knows how I might be able to remedy the situation, please let me know. Here's that issue.


A guide to designing accessible, WCAG-compliant focus indicators

Published: 13 August 2021
Tags: css

In the past couple of years, there have been major pushes for websites to be come more accessible. If you're not familiar with the space, just know that there are A LOT of different parts that go into making a website accessible, including alt text for pictures, focus, and tag structures. This extensive article by Sara Soueidan focuses specifically on the focus indicator, explainin what it is, browser defaults and the new accessibility requirements in WCAG 2.2.

How to build a Low-Tech website: Software & Hardware

Published: 8 September 2018
Tags: web, hardware

Is it from a while ago? Yup. Is it kind of a marketing stunt? Sure. Is it still cool? Yes. It's pretty much the epitome of a self-hosted website. In this concise article, Roel Roscam Abbing describes the different infrastructure that went into making a website that is completely powered by solar energy, including software, hardware, and energy saving tricks.


IPv4 addresses are silly, inet_aton(3) doubly so.

Published: 28 October 2021
Tags: networking

You're probably used to IPv4 addresses being specified in the a.b.c.d style notation, but did you know that technically "an IPv4 address is just a 32-bit number"? In this informative article, Jan Schaumann dives into the different notations accepted by the inet_aton(3) function and some of the inherent weirdness.

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