Working with SQL Server identity columns

Nested strict data in Haskell

Bracket pair colorization 10,000x faster

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A Byte of Coding Issue #99
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Working with SQL Server identity columns

Published: 25 September 2021
Tags: sqlserver

Identity columns are the SQL Server's equivalent of Postgresql's serial type. Since this column can be the underpinning of what you use as the ID for a table, it's important to be aware of it. In this informative article, Greg Larsen outlines how to manage identity columns for uniqueness, their associated functions, and caching.

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Nested strict data in Haskell

Published: 28 September 2021
Tags: haskell

A space leak is when something in a program takes up more memory than expected (as a very broad definition). Theses are an issue, because they can eventually lead to your program crashing. In this article, Tom Ellis demonstrates how the bang operator can be used to prevent such leaks, highlights issues with the solution, and provides an alternative.

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Bracket pair colorization 10,000x faster

Published: 29 September 2021
Tags: algorithms

When writing code, often times you'll want to keep track of brackets, paranthesis, and other symbols that outline the current scope. This extensive article by Henning Dieterichs covers the algorithms and data structures required to achieve the titular claim in VSCode.

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