Implementing Co, a Small Interpreted Language With Coroutines #2: The Interpreter

5 RCEs in npm for $15,000

Practical frontend architecture

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Had a bat confuse my room for its cave this morning at about 5 am. Pro-tip, lookup how to catch and release a bat right now. Trust me, you might never have to use that skill, but in the off-chance that you do, you'll be happy you're not doing it at 5 am. Here's the issue!
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Implementing Co, a Small Interpreted Language With Coroutines #2: The Interpreter

Published: 21 September 2021
Tags: haskell

Working in software, you've probably dabbled with the idea of making your own programming language. What would it take? Abhinav Sarkar has written a series on implementing his own language called Co, in Haskell. In this article, Abhinav details the process of adding dynamic and strong typing, primitives, arithemtic operations, conditionals, and functions.

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5 RCEs in npm for $15,000

Published: 20 September 2021
Tags: security, javascript

npm (the JavaScript package manager) is notorious for its bloat, having packages along the line of "is_false" to check the titular condition. There is also another thing npm is notorious for, weak security. In this report-esque article, Robert Chen presents six vulnerabilities found in npm, why they are vulnerabilities, and patches to help fix them.

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Practical frontend architecture

Published: 19 September 2021
Tags: typescript, web dev

One of the challenges faced by web developers is figuring out what tools to choose from the plethora of options. Jared Gorski's article focuses on how he used application specifications as a strict criteria for selecting React, TypeScript, Next.js, and Apollo GraphQl as the tools for a frontend upgrade.

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