Crypto Markets Recover Amid COVID-19 Fears

An Opinionated Guide to xargs

Reducing System Load With Event Folding

Issue #78


A Byte of Coding Issue #78
Thanks for the sci-fi recs! There were some goodies. Here's another issue, and yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas' mamas... Mamas, mamas, baby mamas' mamas.

Crypto Markets Recover Amid COVID-19 Fears

Published: 19 August 2021
Tags: javascript

The world of JavaScript is kind of this amalgamation of programming paradigms, architecture features, and buzzwords. As a result of that, sometimes it's necessary to take an overhead view of the whole situation, to get an understanding of where things are at and where they're going. In this aggregating article, Ryan Carniato explains MPA vs SPA, explores React vs Reactivity, highlights VDOM vs No VDOM, and compares a number of other features, giving a good overview of key concepts that are currently relevant, with a plethora of links to follow up material.

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An Opinionated Guide to xargs

Published: 21 August 2021
Tags: shell

Knowing your way around the shell can be a powerful skill. Plus personally it makes me feel like a l33t h4k3r whenever I can automate a task using bash or show off infront of non-programmer friends. Well as the title implies, this article is all about using xargs in the shell. Starting with a brief but informative explanation of what xargs is, the author then gives a variety of use cases, including examples and justifications as to why xargs is the choice for the specific situation.

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Reducing System Load With Event Folding

Published: 1 August 2021
Tags: redis

In the event-driven architecture model, "services send messages to a message broker, which then distributes (publishes) the messages to interested (subscribed) clients". When you have to recalculate something based on data is that changed through these events, in some systems it might be more efficient to delay recalculation until the last event is received. Calvin Lobo's article tackles exactly that using Redis.

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