C++20 modules with GCC11

Adventures in WebRTC: Making Phone Calls from XMPP

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A Byte of Coding Issue #77
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C++20 modules with GCC11

Published: 18 August 2021
Tags: cpp

C++20 brings with it many new features, THAT MIGHT ALTER THE COURSE OF HISTORY! One such feature is the new module system, that "possibly signal headers’ ultimate demise". At least according to Niall Cooling. Having found resources elsewhere lacking, Niall took it upon himself to write an informative article on C++20 modules, where he explains why modules are being introduced, how "there is no one way of correctly using C++20 modules", and some obligatory breakdowns of different examples of modules' features.

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Adventures in WebRTC: Making Phone Calls from XMPP

Published: 17 August 2021
Tags: webrtc, nats, ice

Not all too foreign is "this is 90% working, there's probably just one weird typo to fix to get it the rest of the way", followed by "the river of standards and the rapids of interoperability of standards between browsers and old C projects, aided all along by my compass Wireshark". A simple bug with a not so simple solution could be the subtitle to this article, where the author goes on detours through WebRTC, NATs, and ICE to find out why calling phones with XMPP wasn't working.

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Speeding up atan2f by 50x

Published: 16 August 2021
Tags: math, c

atanc2 is a trigonometric function that is vital in converting from one coordinate system to another. If that doesn't tell you this article is going to be math heavy, I will... now.... it's math heavy. In this technica article, Francesco Mazzoli gives "a brief primer on what atan2 does" and how it will be implemented, "starting from a direct C translation of the maths, followed by a series of micro-optimizations to speed it up, culminating with the fastest version".

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