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A Byte of Coding Issue #5
Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I realized for yesterday's issue I wrote the date for articles as being from October. My apologies. I can't yet pull content from the future, but I'll let you know when I can. Or would I have already done that in the past? Time travel is confusing. Anyway, here's the issue.

Which Parsing Approach?
15/09/20 - python
Parsing is a fundamental part of any compiler. It's also used commonly used for any study of languages, since it breaks down sentences or texts into their grammatical parts. Although we do it naturally and pretty much without thinking (when the writing is good), there are many different approaches for computers to achieve the same task. In this extensive article, Laurence Tratt covers the plethora of parsing techniques available, including recursive descent, generalized parsers, statically unambiguous parsers, LL parsing, and LR parsing.

Reinforcement learning, non-Markov environments, and memory
15/09/20 - ai, rust
Reinforcement learning is basically teaching a machine learning model to produce a result based on environment variables it has access to. It involves some complicated sounding, but fundamentally simple probability jargon. Jan Corazza's article, luckily, covers the basic topics better than I can, and then dives into exploring the limitations of of the Markov property. Jan provides a solution to the problems he discovered implemented in Rust.

What Clojure spec is and what you can do with it (an illustrated guide)
10/09/20 - clojure
I did some dabbling in Clojure in the past, and found it to be an extremely powerful, albeit initially not a very intuitive language. One of its controversial characteristics is that the type of function parameters and return values isn't enforced. In this in-depth article, Stathis Sideris presents the response to this criticism, which is done in the form of specs. Stathis focuses on two major topics; what is a spec and how can you use it?

That's it for today. Have a lovely day.

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