How we designed Dropbox’s ATF - an async task framework

What is shader occupancy and why do we care about it?

Chasing a Performance Regression with Erlang/OTP 22

Issue #35


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A Byte of Coding Issue #35
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How we designed Dropbox’s ATF - an async task framework

Published: 11 November 2020
Tags: architecture

Large organizations often have to deal with normal programming problems, just at massive scales. Imagine you had to take care of a queue of async tasks, but on the scale of 10,000 tasks per second? Well in this enlightening article, Arun Sai Krishnan presents Dropbox's custom built solution for achieving exactly that. Arun outlines the requirements, architecture, data model, lifecycles, and how they achieved guarantees for such a monstrously large system.

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What is shader occupancy and why do we care about it?

Published: 11 November 2020
Tags: isa, gpu

GPU programming has grown a lot in popularity in recent years, primarily because of its application in many calculation intensive processes like rendering or machine learning. One of the inherent difficulties of programming on a GPU is one of the reason why it's so popular; parallelism. In this concise article, Kostas Anagnostou explains how a not uncommon issue in programming in general, waiting for data, is mitigated using parallel task assignment. Kostas also brings up an important point about finding the balance between batch quantity processing and waiting.

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Chasing a Performance Regression with Erlang/OTP 22

Published: 3 November 2020
Tags: erlang

Migration, it's a big part of the natural world, and it's a big part of programming. What can we learn from the Arctic Tern and its 71,000 km annual migration? Well in this exciting article, Pablo Polvorin doesn't mention it at all. Pablo actually talks about how a recent Erlang migration led to a drop in the system's performance, and key points on narrowing the problem down and finding it with focused research. and implementing the solution.

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