The code quality pyramid

Reversing UK mobile rail tickets

Ebook: Learning Blazor

SAST: how code analysis tools look for security flaws

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Sorry for missing yesterday's issue, had some technical issues that needed resolving. I did come across this interesting repo that documents a bunch of falsehoods most programmers believe about certain topics. Might be worth checking out to see if you're making any incorrect assumptions about your own work.
Anyway, here's the issue!


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The code quality pyramid

Published: 27 January 2023
Tags: management, philosophy

Fabian Zeindl discusses different ways to improve the quality of software systems. Fabian groups different qualities into a pyramid, with lower parts of the pyramid supporting the parts further up.
Some highlights:

  • Keep the build graph simple by grouping related tasks together and eliminating unnecessary work
  • Use a caching mechanism to avoid rebuilding the same thing multiple times
  • Avoid installing dependencies multiple times by using a dependency manager


Reversing UK mobile rail tickets

Published: 31 January 2023
Tags: reverse engineering

Eta describes how mobile rail tickets work in the UK and her attempt to reverse engineer them.
Some highlights:

  • Mobile tickets are just an Aztec barcode, either displayed inside an app or on a PDF you can print out
  • The data in the barcode is encrypted in some way
  • Not really possible to copy the tickets


Ebook: Learning Blazor

Published: 13 October 2022
Tags: c#, dotnet, sponsored, web, web assembly

Progress' Telerik is providing a free ebook as a practical guide that'll help you learn how to use Blazor WebAssembly to develop web experiences.
Some highlights:

  • Explains how WebAssembly enables many non-JavaScript-based programming languages to run on the client browser
  • Strategies for bidirectional JavaScript interop
  • Covers component data binding, hierarchical event-driven communications, in-memory state management, and local storage


SAST: how code analysis tools look for security flaws

Published: 27 January 2023
Tags: infosec

Sergey Vasiliev explains how Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solutions find security issues in code.
Some highlights:

  • SAST tools look for potential vulnerabilities in source code without executing it
  • Syntax trees are used as a convenient and structured representation of the code
  • "The sooner a vulnerability is found, the easier and cheaper it is to fix"


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