A Practical Guide to fzf: Building a File Explorer

Writing Code Without Plain Text Files

2D Player Collision against Static Geometry

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A Practical Guide to fzf: Building a File Explorer

Published: 27 January 2023
Tags: terminal, shell

Matthieu Cneude discusses the use of fzf, a command line interface, to create a file explorer.
Some highlights:

  • It explains the basics of fzf and how to enable multi-selection, use metacharacters, limit searches to specific fields, customize the interface, bind keystrokes, and fix performance issues
  • "fzf is a fuzzy finder, allowing us to match a plain text query against line-separated inputs"
  • Includes exercises to help readers build the file explorer step-by-step


Writing Code Without Plain Text Files

Published: 23 January 2023
Tags: compiler, sqlite, unison

The article is about the Erik Engheim's experience writing code in the Unison programming language, which stores code in a database instead of in files.
Some highlights:

  • Unison stores source code in a SQLite DB
  • Uses similar features as Git for keeping track of changes to source code
  • "In particular, I think the Unison approach can be extremely beneficial for large software projects with many developers running over many years"


2D Player Collision against Static Geometry

Published: 27 January 2023
Tags: c++, games

Tim Wheeler begins by discussing a game he worked on 8 years ago, and reflects on the problems he ran into with player movement and collision. Tim notes that many games today still struggle with these same issues.
Some highlights:

  • Goals for player movement: continuous movement, smoothly sliding along static geometry, and efficient handling of non-tile maps
  • The central issue is moving the player collision volume around without intersecting with anything
  • Also covers integrating velocity over time, basic collision physics, and basic collision approaches based on geometric primitives


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