Production Twitter on One Machine: 100Gbps NICs and NVMe are fast

A Guide to the Terminal, Console, and Shell

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Rust vs C++ Formatting

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Production Twitter on One Machine: 100Gbps NICs and NVMe are fast

Published: 2 January 2023
Tags: rust, software architecture

Tristan Hume explores how different features of twitter would work if the entire service was run on a single, very powerful machine.
Some highlights:

  • First step is calculating what kind of load needs to be handled, based on real twitter stats
  • If that one machine dies, you're screwed
  • Pricing data is included for the fantasy system


A Guide to the Terminal, Console, and Shell

Published: 28 December 2022
Tags: bash, history, shell, terminal

Matthieu Cneude discusses the history of the terminal, the shell, and the console and how they are used in Linux-based systems.
Some highlights:

  • From telegraphs to terminal emulators
  • The virtual console itself runs in the kernel, and your shell as well as its child processes run in user land
  • "knowing how the terminal and most common shells work gives you an edge, especially when your terminal don’t behave as you want it to"


Bitmovin Video Developer Report

Published: 12 December 2022
Tags: research, sponsored, video

The report dives deeply into a number of topics surrounding the streaming industry, including the biggest challenges faced by developers, where the future opportunities are, and how engineers are optimizing video delivery. Get the report.


Rust vs C++ Formatting

Published: 2 January 2023
Tags: rust

In short, Barry Revzin compares the formatting abilities of Rust to those of C++.
Some highlights:

  • Rust has various ergonomic features that make it easier to format strings
  • Rust has multiple different formatting traits
  • Implementing static reflection and interpolated literals from Rust, in C++ could lead to good improvements for formatting in the latter


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