Day 1 (Advent of Code 2022)

Your soft-core CPU won't boot. Where should you start debugging?

Scaling Mastodon: The Compendium

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Looks like a number of people are doing Advent of Code. Someone suggested that I make a private leaderboard for us, so I did. You can join here using this code: 2722794-d60d4a68
A reader asked "Do you also get the time to indepth read the articles or do you sort of breeze past them to select the interesting articles for us?". Some articles I do a thorough read of, others I just skim over and try to pick out key points to note down.
Glad someone else REALLY likes turtles.
If you could have one perfectly tailored open source library appear overnight, that you magically know inside out, what would it be for? For me it would be a newsletter management library written in Clojure.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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Day 1 (Advent of Code 2022)

Published: 2 December 2022
Tags: elf, rust

Spoiler alert! If you haven't done the first Advent of Code challenge, and want to do it, you probably shouldn't read this. In the article, the Amos describes how to solve a problem from Advent of Code 2022 using Rust. The highlights below will be more general than usual to prevent spoilers.
Some highlights:

  • How to setup the project
  • Recommendations for Rust libraries to use
  • Refactoring the solution to be better


Your soft-core CPU won't boot. Where should you start debugging?

Published: 3 December 2022
Tags: cpu

Dan Gisselquist discusses the process of debugging a CPU that is not booting properly.
Some highlights:

  • Look at a simulation trace of the instruction fetch to see if the address and value of the first several instructions match a dump of the executable file
  • Look into whether the CPU is coming out of reset at the right address
  • "encapsulate the basic bug-triggering sequence so that you can trigger it in a much simplified setting–either with the debugging bus and not the CPU, or perhaps in simulation"


Scaling Mastodon: The Compendium

Published: 27 November 2022
Tags: nginx, postgres, redis, ruby

Hazel Weakly put together a bunch of resources/articles related to scaling a Mastodon service. It has a lot of interesting stuff on nginx config and scaling postgres, redis sidekiq, and ruby, along with Mastodon specific stuff.
Some highlights:

  • Calculating your maximum postgres connections
  • Nginx config for object storage
  • Use a separate redis instance for cache and persistent data


How did I do?

* Amazing
* Articles not relevant to me
* Articles were relevant, but badly written
* Summaries told me everything I wanted to know
* I like turtles

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