Introduction to Firmware Analysis of a Reolink IP Camera

Why Lisp

Time is an illusion, Unix time doubly so...

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Introduction to Firmware Analysis of a Reolink IP Camera

Published: 26 October 2022
Tags: embedded systems, firmware, hardware, infosec

In this series, Serhack (literally) picks apart an IP camera and goes through all of the internals, from hardware to software.
Some highlights:

  • Analyzing firmware takes a lot of time
  • The internet of things brings a lot of new challenges to embedded software designing
  • Most embedded operating systems use U-Boot


Why Lisp

Published: 24 October 2022
Tags: lisp, philosophy

Claude Roux describes some of reasons as to why someone would choose to use a Lisp language over more conventional C resembling alternatives. If you haven't attempted to learn a Lisp language yet, I'd really recommend it.
Some highlights:

  • Lisp is homoiconic
  • An advantage of Lisp is that there is no need to invent different programming styles to integrate new features
  • Lisp is a way of representing and executing programs in an intermediate form between man and machine


Time is an illusion, Unix time doubly so...

Published: 23 October 2022
Tags: time, unix

Jan Schaumann does a deep-dive on time in Unix systems.
Some highlights:

  • Unix time was originally "the time since 00:00:00, 1 January 1971, measured in sixtieths of a second"
  • East and west Japan have different frequencies for their electricity (50 Hz and 60 Hz respectively, yeesh someone left technical debt for waaaay too long)
  • Unix epoch time ignores leap seconds, so two dates map to the same timestamp whenever a positive leap second occurs

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