Can Web3 beat public cloud?

That Time I Tried Porting Zig to SerenityOS

JavaScript metaprogramming with the 2022-03 decorators API

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Another beautiful day. Burning your tongue is probably one of the worst minor inconveniences out there. I'd trade it for three toe stubbings in an instant.
I came across this wildly fascinating article on how electrical network frequency can be used to date sound recordings (my inner electrical engineer geeked out).
Anyway, here's the issue.


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Can Web3 beat public cloud?

Published: 31 October 2022
Tags: web3, cloud

Colin Eberhardt discusses the his experience porting a service from AWS to Ethereum, and how Ethereum fared in comparison.
Some highlights:

  • Ethereum was much more expensive than AWS, gas prices were unpredictable, and that the technology was not really decentralized
  • Ethereum was slow, lacked many of the conventional infrastructure concepts, and that the wallet software was difficult to use
  • Testnets were also found to be unreliable
  • Conclusion? Ethereum is not a viable alternative to public cloud


That Time I Tried Porting Zig to SerenityOS

Published: 7 October 2022
Tags: compiler, serenityos, z3

sin-ack explains their motivation for porting the Zig compiler to SerenityOS and the challenges they faced.
Some highlights:

  • SerenityOS is a hobby operating system developed by Andreas Kling (started in 2018)
  • If you want to run Zig on an operating system and have it produce binaries, you are going to need LLVM working on that system too
  • To compile Zig code to an appropriate target, you need a Zig compiler that’s able to compile for that target


JavaScript metaprogramming with the 2022-03 decorators API

Published: 18 October 2022
Tags: javascript, typescript

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains what JavaScript decorators are and how they can be used.
Some highlights:

  • Their latest version is already supported by Babel and will soon be supported by TypeScript
  • Decorators are a keyword that starts with an symbol and can be put in front of classes and class members (such as methods) to enable a number of different functionalities
  • They are mostly an object-oriented feature and popular in OOP frameworks and libraries

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