A Few of My Favorite Things About The OpenBSD Packet Filter Tools

Striped Development

Real Life TDD Example

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A Few of My Favorite Things About The OpenBSD Packet Filter Tools

Published: 25 September 2022
Tags: networking, openbsd

Peter N. M. Hansteen discusses some of the OpenBSD packet filter features he has enjoyed using over the past 20 years.


Striped Development

Published: 1 October 2022
Tags: philosophy

Jordan Kaye discusses the idea of "striped development", which is an iterative approach to designing and implementing software. In this approach, work is organized into three repeating phases: design, striping, and implementation. The most important part of this strategy is that it is circular, meaning that the design phase is updated after each stripe is implemented. This allows for new information to be taken into account and for the design to be improved over time.


Real Life TDD Example

Published: 4 October 2022
Tags: c#, philosophy

Jeremy D. Miller discusses how he uses Test Driven Development (TDD) when coding. He provides an overview of how TDD works and how it can be beneficial. He also gives a specific example of how he used TDD to build a feature for a project he is working on.

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