Exploring Shaders with Compiler Explorer

Using :has() as a CSS Parent Selector and much more

just-in-time code generation within webassembly

What Makes a Great Maintainer of Open Source Projects?

Issue #264



Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent most of mine writing about PostGIS performance and implementing an API server in Clojure for one of my side projects. It's super frustrating when code in documentation doesn't work and you have to go spelunking for an alternative solution. I was having issues with some form data middleware for reitit, which ultimately got resolved by scrapping that specific middleware function and using the one it was a wrapper for. I still don't know what the actual problem was. *shrug*
It did make me think about how I approach learning new libraries/tools though. I'm definitely much more in the camp of "just try to get something to work", rather than "open up the lib code and try to understand it from the bottom up". To be fair, if opening the lib code is the only possible option, I can do it, but it's rarely my first choice. What about you? How do you approach a new lib you want to use?
I can see the benefits of going the bottom up route, but I feel like I'd just waste too much time trying to understand a lib, to then choose not to use it because of some discovered limitation during implementation. At the moment my "build first, understand later" approach seems to filter out shitty libs that I wouldn't want to use any, because they have unintuitive design, terrible docs, or some fundamental flaw specific to the use case. I'd be curious to hear what you think.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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Exploring Shaders with Compiler Explorer

Published: 19 August 2022
Tags: compiler

Jeremy Ong compiles shaders in Compile Explorer and peruses the output.


Using :has() as a CSS Parent Selector and much more

Published: 18 August 2022
Tags: css

Jen Simmons presents the (relatively) newly added :has() selector in CSS and how you can use it to conditionally apply layouts.


just-in-time code generation within webassembly

Published: 18 August 2022
Tags: web assembly

Andy Wingo demonstrates how WebAssembly could support JIT compilation.


What Makes a Great Maintainer of Open Source Projects? [pdf]

Published: 7 May 2021
Tags: philosophy, research paper

Edson Dias, Paulo Meirelles, Fernando Castor, Igor Steinmacher, and Gustavo Pinto present a thorough study conducted on what attributes make a great open source maintainer. Spoiler, communication is numero uno.

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