How and why to do link-time symbol wrapping (or not?)

Use One Big Server

What's the Most Portable Way to Include Binary Blobs in an Executable?

CLIPasso: Semantically-Aware Object Sketching [pdf]

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Hope you're all doing well! My break went a week longer than expected. You probably didn't get the memo, but I did mention it in the Discord server. I didn't end up getting what I had planned for the break done, but I did dive into a few other things which were equally as important, so it was time well spent!
As an aside, normally I'm a big fan of having a dev and a production version of a database when working on personal projects, but I started to really question that choice yesterday when I ended up accidentally using my dev database while running a production script from my local machine. This resulted in my accidentally sending out overall less emails than I could've (I was using old data), as well as some duplicate emails that I had already sent before. For reference, this is a project that has less than a hundred users. The only downside of only using the production database is that it is noticeably slower (I use an SSH tunnel because I don't like opening my databases to the internet), but I'm sure I could find a fix.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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How and why to do link-time symbol wrapping (or not?)

Published: 3 August 2022
Tags: elf

Dr Stephen Kell discusses the issues and solutions of hooking functions at link time on ELF platforms.


Use One Big Server

Published: 31 July 2022
Tags: server

Nima Badizadegan summarizes the benefits and costs of using a bare metal server over cloud alternatives.


What's the Most Portable Way to Include Binary Blobs in an Executable?

Published: 25 July 2022
Tags: c

Laurence Tratt elaborates on the nuances of having blobs in cross platform executables.


CLIPasso: Semantically-Aware Object Sketching [pdf]

Published: 16 May 2022
Tags: machine learning, research paper

Yael Vinker, Ehsan Pajouheshgar, Jessica Y. Bo, Roman Christian Bachmann, Amit Haim Bermano, Daniel Cohen-Or, Amir Zamir, and Ariel Shamir present a machine learning model that converts images to sketches.

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