An Ubuntu kernel bug causes container crashes

Order independent transparency, part 1

No, We Don't Have to Choose Batch Sizes As Powers Of 2

Issue #250



I realized yesterday that switching to a completely new keyboard + layout was a bit too ambitious of a goal from the get-go (I don't think you would guess it's a keyboard if I showed it to you), so I've decided to do a more progressive transition. Let me tell you, being able to type quickly again is a greaaaat feeling. I'd equate it to when you're learning a language and trying to have a conversation with someone. It's easy to very quickly become frustrated by how difficult it is to express yourself. Same thing here; you know what you want to type, and how you'd do it, but the connection between your brain and your fingers is just what it feels like it should be. I bet there's a class of disabilities that produce the same sort of feeling. Yeesh, that's brutal.
Anyway, this is actually issue #250! Whoa, that's a lot. If you enjoy the newsletter and want to support it, I'd recommend checking out the Patreon page. The page is a bit outdated, and I don't yet offer any of the benefits from the other tiers (other than an ad free version of the newsletter). Alright, here's the issue.


An Ubuntu kernel bug causes container crashes

Published: 5 July 2022
Tags: linux

Jordan Webb explains how a misapplied patch in Ubuntu caused it to panic when Docker containers were launched.


Order independent transparency, part 1

Published: 25 June 2022
Tags: graphics

In this first article of a series, Kostas Anagnostou describes correctly sorting transparent meshes for real-time rendering.


No, We Don't Have to Choose Batch Sizes As Powers Of 2

Published: 5 July 2022
Tags: gpu, machine learning

Sebastian Raschka explores how batch size impacts training times for a number of machine learning models.

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