Transaction anomalies with SELECT FOR UPDATE

The Rust borrow checker just got (a little bit) smarter

Business Application Monitoring: Why Your Company Needs APM

SQLite or PostgreSQL? It's Complicated!

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Suuuuper delayed issue today. My apologies. Thought I could send it out this morning, but didn't have time before having to go to the airport.
I wanted to address some comments I got from a reader for yesterday's intro.
>> "we stand on the shoulder's of giants"
> I believe this saying isn't really talking about cooperation (contemporary, at least), but about the people before, our teachers, mentors and other researchers that advance the knowledge of our civilization. I feel like using it in this context kinda misses the point :D
I'm aware that this saying means current work is only possible thanks to previous work, and rereading the intro, I agree, it's weird to use it here. At the time, I might've been thinking about it more in terms of people doing the current work cooperating with people who did the previous work.
> "the better of an engineer you are, the less engineering you actually end up doing"
>> This only means that company cannot properly handle its people!
No, I don't think this is true. Good engineers end up writing processes for other engineers to follow and do. That requires very little actually engineering, and mostly just writing.
Anyway, here's the issue!


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Transaction anomalies with SELECT FOR UPDATE

Published: 29 June 2022
Tags: postgres

Laurenz Albe explains "how adding FOR UPDATE to a query can introduce transaction anomalies".


The Rust borrow checker just got (a little bit) smarter

Published: 10 June 2022
Tags: compiler, rust

Jack Huey discusses how "the NLL borrow checker finally got fully enabled by default" in Rust and how it affects you.


Business Application Monitoring: Why Your Company Needs APM

Published: 7 June 2022
Tags: sponsored, web

Scout APM dives deep on what makes a well-rounded Business Application Monitoring tool and how lacking one can negatively impact your business.


SQLite or PostgreSQL? It's Complicated!

Published: 27 June 2022
Tags: postgres, sqlite

Miguel Grinberg goes into what it took to migrate from an SQLite DB to Postgres and the resulting performance changes.

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