Pulling MikroTik into the Limelight

Don’t Mock What You Don’t Own in 5 Minutes

The Grug Brained Developer

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I wonder what the future of discovery on the web will be. It seems like there is a growing number of issues with most search engines failing to filter out results that are clearly optimized for search engine ranking over actual value added for the searcher. The number of articles I stumble across with the first 1/4 - 1/2 of the content being a blatant attempt to rank for all peripheral keywords (ie. look up a recipe and get the author's entire life story) is both frustrating and disheartening.
On top of that, the number of recycled "growth hacking" posts on social media sites like twitter, linkedin, etc. is also annoying. Just like yelp made everyone a food critique, monetization of social networks has made everyone an ad(wo)man. In this case, it's pretty much knowledge arbitrage. But fundamentally I understand it; people are just hustling and playing the systems they have available to them. I just wish these systems were better at aligning how they value things with how their users value them.
Maybe there's room for a solution here? Actually, I just got a pretty interesting idea. And thus another weekend project is born. As a side not, I really wish I could afford hiring a small squad of driven devs to just pump out cool little MVPs week after week. Oh well, maybe some day. For now, here's the issue.


Pulling MikroTik into the Limelight

Published: 11 June 2022
Tags: reverse engineering

Harrison Green and Ian Dupont dissect what it takes to reverse engineer a MikroTik router.


Don’t Mock What You Don’t Own in 5 Minutes

Published: 21 June 2022
Tags: testing

Hynek Schlawack explains good practices for writing tests for your software.


The Grug Brained Developer

Published: 22 June 2022
Tags: philosophy, satire

Grug eloquently philosophizes on vital software engineering topics like complexity, testing, agile, refactoring, microservices, types, concurrency, APIs and much more.

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