Branch/cmove and compiler optimizations

Technique: Recursive variants and boxes

Double Debiased Machine Learning (part 1)

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This morning I saw someone with over 200k followers tweet a list of their top 20 free newsletters. I decided to check some of them out, and noticed that half of the ones I checked out had a UTM (thing in the URL that tells a website where the user is coming from) that pretty clearly suggested that it was a sponsored link. There was no mention of sponsors anywhere in the tweet. Isn't that kind of messed up?
That got me thinking about a number of things, including my own sponsor messaging, which in general I think is fairly clear (definitely correct me if you think otherwise though). Another thing it got me thinking about is what I want to do in general. Basically my current situation is that this newsletter and activities associated with it are how I am earning a living (my other company is not profitable yet). It's not much, but I'm not a big spender in general, so it's enough. The biggest problem is that it's not very consistent and depends a lot on the marketing budgets of other companies and/or the amount of outreach I can actually do. Ultimately I'm also limited by the number of hours there are in a day, and I'd rather spend the extra hour curating quality content/building something cool than writing emails to marketing departments.
I'm just letting you know what I'm thinking about and how I feel. This is the 230th issue of the newsletter, and I'm trying to see where I want the newsletter to be in 230 more issues. One thing is for sure, I hope I'm actually sending the issues out on time by then. Anyway, if you have some cool technical solution to cold outreach you would want to share, let me know. I'm trying to automate that as much as possible. Other than that, here's the issue.
PS. beware of Cloudflare and misconceptions.


Branch/cmove and compiler optimizations

Published: 24 May 2022
Tags: compiler

Krister Walfridsson demonstrates how and why compilers might choose to use cmove or branch.


Technique: Recursive variants and boxes

Published: 31 May 2022
Tags: c++, data structures

Jonathan Müller demonstrates how the std::variant sum type can be adjusted to handle recursive structures.


Double Debiased Machine Learning (part 1)

Published: 31 May 2022
Tags: machine learning

Matteo Courthoud explains a technique for selecting the most relevant control variables for casual inference using machine learning, without introducing feature selection biases.

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